I didn’t set out to start a marketing agency.

Photography had been my side hustle for many years. As much as I wanted to create something of my own, it simply was not my time. Instead, I worked for others. I highly recommend it. Employment is right up there with failure in terms of an entrepreneurial education.

When I started image squared marketing, I set out to solve a relatively simple problem—the average midwestern small business was at a loss when it came to developing content and managing its own social media presence. Photographers’ services weren’t priced or structured in a manner cohesive to small business needs. Agencies were out of reach financially and geared much more toward enterprise-level business and coastal or urban culture. I combined bi-monthly photography sessions with ongoing social media management, and there it was—[image]², a marketing “equation” that multiplies your physical image by your online image, allowing you to become exponential.

And that was the spark. image squared took off and before long, we were doing far more than photography and social media.

Marketing is my passion. Working beside folks from every walk of life, from the entry-level factory worker to the chief executive, provided me with the most invaluable insights into the hearts and minds of people. Passion for creative imagery, creative writing, and big, crazy ideas provided me with the perfect foundation for what was to come.

Image Squared Marketing is where our team comes together to emotionally connect with your target audience.

Interested in becoming exponential?

Casey Tibbs
Owner, Founder, AdMan

Lover of “potato chip stories” and all things marketing, Casey Tibbs didn’t fully realize the extent to which sales and marketing ruled his life, or at least mind, until after having spent many years doing a little bit of nearly everything else. Want to get inside the minds of your customers? Talk to this guy.

Hats worn: photographer, videographer, graphic designer, copywriter, event planner/ promoter, musician, husband, father.

Amber Wakefield
Social Media Manager

Amber loves her job. Ever wondered if your business posts often enough (or too often..) on Facebook? Ask Amber. Want to know how she feels about Pinterest? Just ask. Interested in homesteading?… Yep, she can tell you about that, too! Amber is always learning, and right now (and for the foreseeable future) she’s deeply embedded in all things social media.

Favorite hats: social media content juggler, radio host and voice-over artist, massage therapist, mom.

Mary Sanchez
Web Developer, Web Designer

Highly experienced in WordPress and a skilled SEO expert, Mary has over 12 years of professional web development experience. Looking to get your website higher in the rankings on Google? Let Mary take a look behind the “curtain” and she’ll let you know why you are where you are and how to get to where you want to be.

Hats worn: graphic designer, community outreach specialist, web designer, lead generator, mom.