Marketing is about understanding who you’re speaking to, how they feel, what they believe, how they express themselves. It’s finding the clearest, most transparent path to those individuals by way of their unique emotional and psychological characteristics.

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Advertising is where we apply these concepts both on- and offline in an effort to convert prospects into paying customers. We like to think of advertising in terms of available ad platforms and how effectively those platforms will work for your business. These range from social media and online advertising (Google AdWords search & display ads, for example) to newspaper and radio ads.
Before we begin advertising for any client, we want to learn more about their business in order to determine the best mix of ad platforms, as well as the most efficient and effective way to spend their ad budget. To get started, request our free Local Marketing Snapshot Report and we will begin researching your unique business.

Social Media

We have strong feelings about Social Media Marketing here at image squared. Our agency began as a system of content development, via Photography & Videography Services, and content placement, via Social Media Platforms.

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Shortly after starting image squared marketing, owner Casey Tibbs had several run-ins with other up-and-coming social media businesses. Many of them lived by a certain mantra—”automate, automate, AUTOMATE!” It was their clear intention to sell Social Media Marketing services to anyone who would sign up, put their accounts on autopilot by way of regularly scheduled memes, article shares, and inspirational quotes, and start working hard at signing checks.
It was a call-to-action to provide authentic, personally curated Social Media Marketing services that challenge the status quo and work hand-in-hand with more traditional marketing efforts.
Interested in seeing how your business is performing on social media? Request a free Local Marketing Snapshot Report and find out!


We don’t need to tell you how important a website is to your brand, to user experience, and to your ability to interact with your target audience. We understand the importance of showcasing, accurately describing, and displaying your unique offerings.

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It’s not only about your website looking cool—it needs to look on-brand, work smoothly, allow users to easily find what they’re looking for and do what you want them to do. It needs to load quickly, be search-engine friendly, allow your team to make updates efficiently, and be responsive to whatever kind of device users are viewing from.
At image squared marketing, we can make this all happen with more gain than pain. Get started with a free Snapshot report that rates the performance of your website, your social presence, and more.


Great photo content is invaluable for the modern small business’s marketing mix. We work with small business clients, entrepreneurs, local government organizations, and more to provide high-quality photo content on a continual basis.

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Whether you’re a small town automotive shop, a national cleaning company, a yoga instructor, or anything in between, high-quality photo/video content of your business in action makes all the difference when it comes to the modern marketing mix.
Wondering if photo/video is right for you? Contact Us today!

Below, you will find a selection of Relationship Packages and individual services. You are not limited these specific packages—custom options are available upon request. Before moving forward with a package option, we recommend gauging your current online performance with our free Local Marketing Snapshot Report.